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Welcome beautiful Soul,

I support holistic “Soulpreneurs” in their Online Businesses

with my whole heart and creative mind.

My work essence 

SUPPORT Soulpreneurs by enabling them to ‘let go’ of some of the essential time-consuming tasks on their ‘to do’ lists – which then frees them to focus more specifically on what their heart & soul is calling them to do. I CARE in such a heartfelt personal way that enables my clients to know that I’m seeing, hearing, listening & feeling into what they would like me to achieve for them.

CARE in such a heartfelt personal way that enables my clients to know that I’m seeing, hearing, listening & feeling into what they would like me to achieve for them.

I CREATE from my heart with Love & this essence weaves its flow through the many skills I have to offer, which include: web design, graphic designs, images, A whole variety of client-specific content as well as Art for customer appreciation – which might be used for your customer astonishment in form of little gifts like Art prints, cards etc. Have a look at My Online Art Gallery

You can be reassured that I am someone who will be by

your side, with whom you can fully trust to be the right

Soultributer – who will care for all for your soul business



I Support, I Care, I Create from my ♥️


Soulful Webdesign

Custom Meditations

I create custom Meditations for your Clients needs

Graphic Design

Soulful Logo Design, Social Media Graphics, Infographics, Workbooks etc.


Soulbiz Care

We can find out how I can support you in different areas of your Soul BIZ so you can free up time for what really matters to you.

From ♥️ to World Creative Session

I’m happy to assist you in brainstorming about different offers you can bring from your heart to the world.

Customer Happiness Management

I provide and care for your customer with my whole heart via Email or on different channels.

I can support you in English & German ♥️

I am fluent in German (my native language) and English since I´ve been living abroad for more than 8 years now.

Soul Whisper Journey

 Deep conversations and creative explorations to connect to your inner Soul knowing.


Do you feel deep within yourself, that there is something UNIQUE that wants to come to the surface to shine into the world?

Do you feel it is sometimes difficult to stay in your OWN ENERGY, with all the messages and noises from the outside world?

I hold the space for you to dive deep within yourself to connect to your OWN Soul knowing, so you can create from a place that is aligned with YOU.

I’m walking right beside you and we will create clarity in a gentle and joyful way and translate your essence into your unique website.

How can our experience look like? 


My last journey was with Leoni, we met here in Spain for a week. Spending time together, creating, talking and being surrounded by nature.

There was no day like another since we felt into each moment, we trusted that what wants to be expressed will emerge.

With this gentle approach, we dove deep into Leoni’s mission and vision for her work she wants to create and we got clarity on how we will translate that into her website.

Would you like to experience such a deep dive for you and your soul business journey?

Write me and we can create the unique co-creation journey, I can come to you for a few days or I invite you to come to Spain. So we have the sacred space to connect and create together.


Leoni Peglau – Client Love for the Soul Whisper Journey

Founder of Seinklang 

It was planned that we design my homepage in Spain. Choose pictures, texts and design and then the homepage is finished – I thought 😉

But it was so much more than that !! You received me where I was. You have given me the space to truly “dive” into my world. To meet myself, my values, my WHY and also my fears and blockages.Especially because I create something totally new, it is connected with fears to become visible.

You have done it in such a loving and gentle way to face me with all that was present and change my perspective. Alone it would not have been possible.

By focusing on my “heart tribe” with whom I want to get in touch in the future, it was easy for me to open myself and choose the right words.

I am now creating my homepage to the people who really care about the work I do and I don’t focus on how to reach just everyone out there.

And this shift in perspective is not only with my homepage, but with  all I am doing.

I stay connected to myself and with my power and can share and inspire those around me to do the same. Thanks Vanessa !!

I’m sure, in 10 years our precious time will still resonate.

I will be grateful and think: “At that time we entered together the right coordinates in my compass :-)”

Caroline Leon – Client Love for SoulBiz Care 

Business + Mindset Coach

” Working with Vanessa was an absolute pleasure. She is highly conscientious and 110% committed to producing an extremely high standard of work. I felt like I could always trust Vanessa to communicate with me effectively to ensure that the job was done well and that my expectations were always met. Having her support created space inside my business that allowed me to focus on what I do best and the time she saved me allowed me to make great progress in the growth of my business. Having business support from someone who truly understood and worked in alignment with the heart of my business and my desire to do business with integrity was invaluable.”

Annemiek van Helsdingen – Client Love for Soulbiz Care

Founder of Academy for Soul Based Coaching

I love working with Vanessa because she is very easy to get along with, knows exactly what I mean when I ask her things and is super flexible when something unexpected comes up. She really makes life so much easier for me. She is also very reliable, punctual and precise, and I fully trust her to get the work done as agreed, with nothing getting lost in the cracks.

Working with Vanessa is effortless and fun, and a huge relief. It has made my life so much easier. I can now hand over vital tasks, that need to be done well. (Vanessa is like my left hand now.) Meaning that I have brain capacity and energy to focus on the things that need to happen to make the Academy grow. And that wouldn’t happen because the day-to-day tasks need to be done first. It is quite a step to take when you are a solopreneur, but when you find yourself super busy all the time, it is more than worth it to start organizing this support. And I fully recommend Vanessa.

And then I haven’t mentioned the gorgeous artwork,and finding beautiful images to use that are completely in line with the Academy’s vibe.

PamelaVenus Kamala Devi – Client Love for Intuitive Guidance, Sound Healing and Art

Open Heart Living Coach & Former Therapist

Vanessa is a very gifted Healer. She is a channel for Divine energy transmission that is gentle, nurturing and powerful when Holding Space, giving Soul Whisper Guidance, providing a Sound Healing Treatment and her Art & Creations are exquisite. I have benefitted greatly from working with her and I highly recommend her.

Mariah Freya & Philipp Steinweber – Client Love for Customer Happiness Management 

Founder of Metamonks and Beducated

As the founder of Metamonks and Beducated and in the name of the whole team, we’ve truly enjoyed having Vanessa in our company as Customer Support, Office and Admin Assistance. We will all miss her and her loving way and contributions to our company and clients.

She has a brilliant way to communicate and serves our customers with a high satisfaction rate.She always put in a lot of love into her responses. Our clients felt very heard and very well taken care of. She effectively and openly communicates with clients from the heart.

Vanessa has true attention to detail. She can understand and execute complex tasks successfully. Vanessa is a great listener, with an intuitive and creative gift, reflecting her colleagues and peers if needed.

Companies I have worked for

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